Tori has been very fortunate to be sponsored by Imperial floats in Box hill, NSW. The relationship began a few years ago with the purchase of a very roomy 3 horse angle load float.

The new management of Imperial have worked very hard for over a year to design a new float to cater for the needs of the frequent competitor while also being a very easy float to use day to day.  We are extremely looking forward to jobs hiring near me ‘glamping’ in our new 3 horse angle with living, kitchen and sleeping area.

Many of my students also use Imperial floats and are very satisfied customers. These floats are well designed, tow beautifully and are very affordable.

Thank you to Col and the management team at Imperial!

See gallery for images of our new float and ‘Links’ to check out Imperial Floats.


In 2013 I attended a clinic with Hayley Beresford held at Wallaby hill. After this it became very clear to how serious I was about improving my training skills and I decided I needed to travel to Soest, Germany to work hard with Hayley.

In september 2013 my mum and I travelled to germany for 4 weeks to search for a young horse. After a few days riding some of the horses in Hayleys barn we set off for 4 days to search for a suitable partner for me. The last horse, of course, was in Munich. She was a very tall 5yo Bavarian Warmblood by Stallone and it was love at first sight. We were lucky that Hayley knew the horse and the owners so we stayed the weekend to have a few rides together. She was like nothing I had ridden before and her power put me very out of my comfort zone. She passed the vet check with flying colours and was purchased and moved to train with Hayley until I could return in 2014.

I returned  to Germany in January 2014 to train with Hayley on board our beautiful mare Labelle S. (‘Stella). She was, as Hayley put it, a ‘spicy’ mare and she oozes talent. We worked very hard together and by the end of my time we were finally getting our selves together. During my training we worked alot on my seat and how it affects the horse and I learnt so much to bring back to my horses here in Australia.

Unfortunately I am very saddened that we have decided to sell this gorgeous mare as I am unable to travel back to Germany due to work commitments in Australia. She will continue to train and compete with Hayley for a few more months prior to going on the market. I am so lucky to have been able to train with someone as experienced as Hayley and hope I can do this again when my work will allow more frequent travel time.

All the girls at HB stables are awesome and so welcoming and watching everyone train with their horses has been so inspiring!  I wish Hayley and Basti all the best for their WEG 2014 campaign and hope who ever purchases our lovely mare  Stella will enjoy her as much as I have.